Behind the Scenes of Lactation and Tongue Tie - What Do IBCLCs Talk About? Episode 350

Tables turned for this episode as Lisa is interviewed by Jacqueline Kincer for her podcast. It's a fun and informative conversation as we muse about what we wish parents and providers understood about breastfeeding and tongue tie from a lactation perspective, the team approach that we both practice, and how we share a mission to help families meet their personal infant feeding goals. 

Mentioned in the episode: Ongoing sales of both Professional's Guide to Tongue Tie and  Understanding Milk Supply for Medical & Birth Professionals

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About our guest: 

Jacqueline Kincer IBCLC is a devoted champion of breastfeeding and the visionary behind Holistic Lactation®. As the CEO and founder, she's dedicated to empowering breastfeeding families through virtual lactation consultations, online group support, and the top quality lactation supplements.

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Please do not consider anything discussed on this podcast, by myself or any guest of the podcast, to be medical advice. The information is provided for educational purposes only and does not take the place of your own medical or lactation provider.