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For Parents...

Was your dream to breastfeed — but now it feels more like a struggle? Hint: It shouldn’t hurt to nurse your baby! Reading about tongue tie in babies feels confusing, and you’re struggling with the information you find.


As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) — the highest certification for breastfeeding professionals — I get it. It’s complicated and remains a controversial topic in the breastfeeding world. You may not find the support you need in your baby’s pediatrician and they may lack specific training with tongue ties. Some women are told they don’t exist or are “mild.”


I’m here to provide extensive experience and utmost compassion to support your successful breastfeeding journey — even if your baby suffers from this tough condition. I know your breastfeeding goals matter deeply to you, and I care. My guide helps you figure out if your baby has a tongue tie and what to do next.


The lack of support breastfeeding families get is frustrating and unacceptable. To change that, I offer educational resources to clear up confusion about tongue ties and give solutions that work.

Parents: Would you like to learn the signs and symptoms of tongue tie that I look for in my patients?  

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For Professionals...

To successfully manage tongue tie requires comprehensive education and experience as a provider. So many healthcare professionals aren’t taught vital information to help babies — and there are families suffering from this complex medical issue. This knowledge plays an important role in lactation education. Without it, it’s difficult to help mothers succeed in their breastfeeding journey.


You’re in healthcare because you love giving and empowering people. It’s your mission and what fills your cup. The topic of tongue tie continues to come up at work and you feel like you can’t fully care for these families. You didn’t cover it enough (or at all!) during your education to feel successful in handling tongue ties. But you’re ready to learn more!


As an IBCLC and Certified Nurse Midwife, with over 30 years of experience treating families navigating breastfeeding, I developed a course that is helping providers gain confidence and skills managing babies with tongue ties. 



Tongue Tie Assessment Checklist

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Dr. Scott Siegel:


"I have the highest regard for Lisa both professionally and personally, and highly recommend her program geared towards professionals. I have worked very closely with her for many years as part of her team in the treatment of infant tethered oral tissues. Lisa is world renowned as an IBCLC and is considered an expert on this topic.” 

Tracy Elroy, Osteopath, Lactation Support, London, UK:


"Lisa's course gave me the skills and confidence to work with and support babies with tongue tie and associated difficulties to enhance breastfeeding. Highly recommended if you are working with the breastfeeding dyad."

Tracey Jedrzejek, IBCLC


"As a lactation consultant wanting to learn more about TOTS and specifics for pre and post frenotomy, this class was really interesting and helpful. I’m so glad I found it and look forward to sharing the knowledge I learned with my colleagues and the families I work with."