A Parent's Guide to  

Tongue Tie in the Breastfeeding Baby

Lisa Paladino CNM, IBCLC

Having These Challenges?  

  • It's hard or impossible to get your baby to latch to the breast
  • It hurts to nurse your baby 
  • There is a problem with weight gain
  • Baby has "colic" or "reflux" symptoms
  • You never feel as if the baby is satisfied
  • You are are overwhelmed and confused about what you are reading, and don't know where to turn
  • You think it might be tongue tie, but your doctor says it isn't
  • You are getting conflicting information from different places
  • You can't find the right support


Let me help you!




You Decided to Breastfeed

     Yes, bottle feeding is an option, but don't compromise your decision to nurse your baby because you don't have the help that you need to figure out how. Reaching your breastfeeding goals is important to you, and you shouldn't give up on your hardest day.


You Need An IBCLC Who Understands How Tongue Tie Affects Breastfeeding

I'm an IBCLC. What's that, you may ask? It's an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The highest certification available for breastfeeding professionals. Not all IBCLCs are trained in tongue tie assessment, treatment, and recovery- so if you didn't get solutions from yours, it's not a surprise. 


Most doctors don't understand how breastfeeding is affected by tongue tie


     If all IBCLCs don't understand tongue tie, don't expect help from your Pediatrician either. They don't learn much about it in school. In fact most of the families who come to me have been struggling for months, and no one has considered tongue tie as a cause. 


This isn't Just About What the Tongue Looks Like


     No social media diagnosis! This is about how the tongue functions. You don't want to bring your baby to have his tongue tie "clipped" without knowing for sure that it's affecting the feeding. You also need to be absolutely sure that you and your baby are ready for the procedure and what comes next. Even when it's needed, it's not usually a quick fix. 


A Parent's Guide to Tongue Tie in the Breastfeeding Baby


Is designed to give you the same protocols that Lisa shares with her in-person patients. The information shared will help you to make informed decisions for your baby, because, truly, you are the one who knows best for your own child. 

You will learn the symptoms of tongue tie, what type of health profession to see and how to find one, why the team approach to care is important, why an IBCLC is the best choice to guide your breastfeeding journey, treatment choices, and recovery and aftercare protocols. 

What's Included In the Complete Course:

Five Video Modules:

  1. How to Tell if Your Baby has a Lip or Tongue Tie
  2. My Baby Has A Tongue Tie, Now What? 
  3. How to Prepare for Frenotomy
  4. What to Expect on Frenotomy Day
  5. Frenotomy Aftercare


Summary Sheets for Download or Printing:

  1. What are TOTs?
  2. Signs and Symptoms of Tongue Tie
  3. Hints for Healing Sore Nipples
  4. Team Approach to Care
  5. Selecting a Provider for Frenotomy
  6. Preparing for Frenotomy 
  7. When to Call Your Healthcare Provider
  8. Stretches
  9. Oral Exercises

Private Facebook Community:

A community of experts, including Lisa, other Tongue Tie professionals, and families with similar situations and experiences. Includes live events, Q&A sessions, and webinars about tongue tie and other breastfeeding concerns such as low milk supply, how to know baby is getting enough, infant sleep, introducing bottle, body work for babies, etc. 

YouTube Channel:

Featuring interviews with other professional members of the tongue tie team. 

Options for purchase of the part of the program that you need. Click purchase options for details. 

About Lisa

Lisa Paladino is a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certified Nurse Midwife, with over 30 years of experience helping new families to breastfeed. Besides guiding hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, Lisa is an author, lecturer and advocate for tongue tie education and  women's health issues.  

In this program, Lisa shares the successful methods and protocols that she has developed  for her patients. 

What Parents Are Saying:

"As a new mom who intended to exclusively breastfeed, I had no idea that my daughter and I might face challenges. When my daughter had a difficult time gaining weight and I was experiencing excruciating pain while nursing, I decided to reach out for help, and Lisa came highly recommended. Lisa is an invaluable resource to families who are facing challenges breastfeeding. She was able to quickly diagnose my daughter’s tongue tie and help us to create a plan of action. She taught me how to help rebuild my milk supply which had not effectively been established due to my daughter’s poor latch. I’m proud to say that with Lisa’s expert advice and our family’s dedication, we enjoyed a sucessful nursing relationship until my daughter self weaned just after her second birthday." Diane C.


A Parent’s Guide to Tongue Tie

in the Breastfeeding Baby

Your Will Learn:

  • What are TOTs 
  • Symptoms of tongue tie
  • Why going straight to the provider for release of the ties is not always a wise decision
  • Why timing and preparation matters for best results
  • IBCLCs: Who are they and why do you need one
  • Selecting a provider for frenotomy
  • Team approach to care for breastfeeding infant 
  • Body Work- what is it and how it helps
  • Preparing for the procedure & checklist of what to bring to the office that day
  • What to do if infant won’t latch after frenotomy
  • Oral exercises and stretches for after frenotomy
  • When to call the provider after frenotomy
  • And more…



What Parents Are Saying:

"Lisa is THE most knowledgeable lady around in regard to tongue and lip tie! A tremendous help to me and my son in a stressful time! So caring. Highly recommend and many thanks !!" Justine I.

"Lisa is an invaluable resource to families who are facing challenges breastfeeding." Gabby S.