A Professional's Guide To

Tongue Tie in the Breastfeeding Infant 

Lisa Paladino CNM, IBCLC

No matter your title:

LC, RN, NP, Doula, Midwife, MD,

DO,SLP, DC, PT, OT, DDS, etc


This course is for you if you serve pregnant or breastfeeding families in any capacity, and you are curious about tongue tie. You didn't learn this in school, but you want to feel confident to counsel, guide, or treat infants with tongue tie (depending on your role).

Learn facts and protocols to clear up the confusion and misinformation that you have heard.

Become a trusted resource for breastfeeding dyads who have no one else to turn to. 


What You'll Learn:


  • Tongue Tie lingo
  • Assessment tools 
  • A systemic protocol for functional evaluation
  • Clearing up myths and controversies
  • Checklist to evaluate breastfeeding for IBCLCs               

Treatment Plan

  • The "Team" approach
  • Does every baby need frenotomy? 
  • What is body work and why it is vital to consider
  • The role of the IBCLC
  • Holistic care plans
  • What does tummy time have to do with it? 


  • What is frenotomy
  • Types of procedures 
  • Finding a provider
  • Risks and benefits
  • Considering analgesia
  • Video of laser frenotomy
  • Possible complications 
  • What to expect during and after procedure


  • All about healing
  • Images of what wound will look like
  • Differentiating between stretches and exercises
  • Videos and description of stretches and exercises
  • What is meant by reattachment              

What's Included: 

  • (VALUE $499)¬†4 Pre- recorded and On Demand Video Modules¬†
  • (VALUE $449)¬†Packet of "Done for You" Educational Materials¬†
    For your own use or to share with your clients -

        Handout Topics:

Symptoms of Lip & Tongue Tie
Hints for Healing Sore Nipples
What are TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues)?
How to Select a Provider (What questions to ask)
Preparing For Frenotomy
Checklist for the Day of Frenotomy
When to Call Your Healthcare Provider
Stretches after Frenotomy
Exercises for Before & After Frenotomy 
  • (VALUE $400)¬†4 L-Cerps for IBCLCs¬†

BONUS #1: 

(VALUE $420/year)
Membership in a multidisciplinary private community to share, collaborate, & network. 


(VALUE $249/year)
Live sessions, with a chance to have your questions answered, clarify content, discuss updated research, and get advice on cases.


Opportunity to be listed on the Tongue Tie Experts Referral List and to be recognized as a course graduate. 



Today's Price $697


I Didn't Learn This in School, Did You?  

Tongue tie treatment can be complex, and those who expect relief of symptoms with "a quick snip" or a laser release, even by an experienced provider, are usually disappointed.

Learn protocols that offer an organized and simplified plan to support families through preparation, procedure and aftercare.

The teamwork model of care - knowing why and which providers are necessary - will make things easier for you and provide effective outcomes for your patients.  


Become Confident in Your Ability to Help Breastfeeding Infants with Tongue Tie 



About Lisa

Lisa Paladino is a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Certified Nurse Midwife, with over 30 years of experience helping new families to breastfeed. Besides guiding hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, Lisa is an author, lecturer and advocate for tongue tie education and women's health issues.  

She has written the best-selling program, "A Parent's Guide to Tongue Tie", the book, "It Shouldn't Hurt to Nurse Your Baby", and is the founder and administrator of the popular FB group, Breastfeeding Tongue Tied Babies and the Instagram page, Tongue Tie Experts, as well as the host of the Tongue Tie Experts Podcast. 

In this course Lisa shares the successful methods and protocols that she has developed for her patients, Her goal is for all infants with tongue tie to be supported by providers who are informed and for all dyads to reach their breastfeeding goals. 







$237 x 3 




$118 x 6


  • 4 Prerecorded and on demand video modules (VALUE $499)
  • Packet of "done for you" educational materials¬†(VALUE $449)
  • 4 LCerps for IBCLCs¬†(VALUE $400)
  • Bonus:¬†Membership in private, multidisciplinary community¬†(VALUE $420/year)
  • Bonus:¬†Live sessions¬†(VALUE $249/year)
  • Bonus:¬†Tongue Tie Experts Referral List¬†opportunity (PRICELESS)


What are others saying about the program? 

 Dr. Scott Siegel

“I have the highest regard for Lisa both professionally and personally, and highly recommend her new program geared towards professionals. I have worked very closely with her for many years as part of her team in the treatment of infant tethered oral tissues. Lisa is world renowned as an IBCLC and is considered an expert on this topic.” 

Astrid Monroe APRN

"After a week of struggling through breastfeeding challenges, I reached out to Lisa. She eased my worries, assessed my newborn for possible tongue tie, recommended different nursing positions, and assisted with proper latch techniques. Lisa is a gift to moms and professionals alike. She is a wealth of knowledge & experience as an IBCLC and midwife with a loving and straightforward teaching approach. As a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in women’s integrative medicine, I highly recommend Lisa’s tongue tie course for professionals.”  

By the end of this course: 


*  You will be confident in your resources and information about tongue tie.

* You will earn 4 LCerps.

*  You will have the tools you need to counsel breastfeeding parents about tongue tie.

*  You will know the signs and symptoms to be aware of in infant, parent and feeding.

*  You will understand how to support families within your scope of practice.

*  If you are an IBCLC, you will have protocols to follow that ensure best outcomes.

*  You will be a part of an ongoing, interdisciplinary community for continued learning, keeping abreast of the latest research, networking and support.

* You will have the opportunity to be designated as a Tongue Tie Experts Graduate on our professional referral list.

*  And, most importantly, you will be a part of the solution for breastfeeding dyads who may have no one else to turn to.