Nicole Jardim: What is it like to have your tongue tie released as an adult? Episode 325

"Outsourcing your health to someone else hardly ever works. You must be educated to be empowered in your health journey" Nicole Jardim.

This episode features Nicole Jardim, certified women’s health coach, author and podcaster. 

We discuss her challenging journey through tongue tie (and other tether) release, including:

- How she discovered that she had tethered oral tissues

- How she prepared for the procedure

- What the journey has been like, and her recommendations for other adults considering release.

Nicole is the author of  Fix Your Period: Six Weeks to Banish Bloating, Conquer Cramps, Manage Moodiness, and Ignite Lasting Hormone Balance and host of the podcast The Period Party.

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Please do not consider anything discussed on this podcast, by myself or any guest of the podcast, to be medical advice. The information is provided for educational purposes only and does not take the place of your own medical or lactation provider.