How do you overcome pain and anxiety with breastfeeding? Lo Nigrosh's story: Episode 303

What happens when a mom has intense anxiety and pain with breastfeeding? In this case, she uses her experience to help others. Lo's experience is both heartbreaking and uplifting. 

You'll learn:

1. The account of managing breastfeeding through challenges and pain, even when no one could give her answers

2. How the experience of breastfeeding can be so different from one child to the next 

3. How Lo channelled her journey into a career with a mission 


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Lo Nigrosh is a mom of two kids ages 8 and 4. It was her intense struggle to breastfeed her oldest that led her to birth and lactation work. She is now a doula, a childbirth educator, a Certified Lactation Counselor, and studying for her upcoming exam to become an IBCLC. Lo hosts of The Milk Making MInutes, a podcast to reduce breastfeeding anxiety through explorations of real life breastfeeding. You can follow her on IG @lonigrosh.  

A gentle disclaimer. Please do not consider anything discussed on this podcast, by myself or any guest of the podcast, to be medical advice. The information is provided for educational purposes only and does not take the place of your own medical or lactation provider.