Carmen Baker IBCLC: What are the top 3 concerns of the hospital-based lactation consultant? Episode 327

In this episode Lisa interviews hospital based Lactation Consultant, Carmen Baker, IBCLC

Topics discussed:

1. The role of an IBCLC to support early breastfeeding

2. The power of breastfeeding support groups and continuity of care

3. The three most common challenges to exclusive breastfeeding in the hospital, from Carmen's point of view 

4. The best approach to tongue tie in the early days

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Carmen Baker is a a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. (IBCLC) she has been helping moms breastfeed their babies since 1998, first as a La Leche League Leader and working in private practice doing home visits as an IBCLC since 2005.  She has a bachelor's degree from Princeton University in Art and Archaeology.   Carmen credits her sons as her inspiration.  She states, "They taught me so much about breastfeeding, its joys and its challenges". Carmen is passionate about the work she does.  She loves nurturing new families through their new beginning and finding solutions that suit their needs.  

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Please do not consider anything discussed on this podcast, by myself or any guest of the podcast, to be medical advice. The information is provided for educational purposes only and does not take the place of your own medical or lactation provider.