Danielle Gauss, IBCLC: What happens when a birth professional struggles to breastfeed? Episode 331

"No mother should have to go through this". 

Join Lisa as she chats with a like-mined IBCLC Danielle Gauss, aka the "Booby Fairy", about many topics related to professional and personal journeys, and how they intersect, including:

How breastfeeding experiences can be different between first and second babies (hint: it doesn't always get easier).

- How breastfeeding challenges led to post partum depression for Danielle.

- How, even as a doula, Daniele didn't realize that she needed an IBCLC.

- How hospital IBCLCs are often limited or "gagged" from discussing tongue tie.

- The links to ADHD, sleep, and airway (yes, this keeps coming up on our podcast) that has been a part of  Danielle's family's story. 

- The aspects of IBCLC care that elevate us to advanced practice status. 

- Taking care of survivors of abuse and ALWAYS asking permission to touch everyone.

- How we honor the story of the mom, the infant, and the birth.

And the need to stop blaming mothers! 


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About Danielle Gaus:

Danielle Gauss is an IBCLC and Certified Childbirth Educator and the Author of “The Booby Fairy’s Guide to Breastfeeding”, She is the co-founder of Tongue Tie Tribe, an advanced practice private lactation and body work team.  Danielle has been married for 22 years and is the mother of two beautiful adult girls.

You can find her here: https://daniellegauss.com/ including her book, The Booby Fairy's Guide To Breastfeeding


Please do not consider anything discussed on this podcast, by myself or any guest of the podcast, to be medical advice. The information is provided for educational purposes only and does not take the place of your own medical or lactation provider.