Dr. Victor Avis & Sydney Avis: Why do we need an Airway Revolution? Episode 324

Season #2

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Please listen to this episode to hear a moving story of hope, healing and advocacy. 

Dr. Victor Avis, and his daughter, Sydney Avis are asking us all to join The Airway Revolution

What is an Airway Revolution? 

Are you tired? Snoring? Have allergies, crowded  teeth, or heart disease? Overweight or anxious ?

You may have an airway disorder, which can affect your health, reduce your quality of life, and your lifespan. Sydney suffered with an airway disorder that was misdiagnosed for almost thirty years. Her journey, and the realization that this is a widespread problem, inspired her father, dentist Victor Avis, to establish the Airway Revolution FoundationA non-profit organization with the mission to make you aware, inspire you to join, and lead a Revolution to battle airway disorders, so that the world can breathe a whole lot easier.

Lisa Paladino is an Advisory Board Member of the Airway Revolution Foundation and is excited to be included in the upcoming documentary alongside giants in our field. This organization realizes the connection between tongue tie, breastfeeding success and airway formation and health. 

Please add your voice here: www.AirwayRevolution.org


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