Episode 7: Expert Interview - Trillitye Paullin, Ph.D. "Dr. Trill" of Free to Feed

Season #1

Tongue tie and food allergy symptoms can be difficult to differentiate, and sometimes both are going on. We don't want to treat one, and ignore the other, without understanding the complexities of both. 

In this episode, Lisa interviews breastfeeding allergy  expert, Dr. Trill, about types of food allergies in breastfeeding infants, her ground-breaking work to bring milk test strips to the public, and the journey that brought her to her mission. 

I loved our conversation and I'm proud to know this passionate scientist - who is also a soldier and a mom!

Learn more about Dr. Trill and her work here: https://www.freetofeed.com/

Follow her on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/free.to.feed/ 

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