Episode 6: Real Life Stories with Tongue Tie - Karin Ashley NP

Season #1

The true experts on tongue tie are parents - especially those who have struggled to find answers for their child's feeding challenges. 

In this episode, Lisa interviews Karin Ashley NP. Karin's story began with her first child, 10 years ago, and has continued through four children, each with different presentations and treatments. It is interesting to realize, as Karin has, the evolution and improvement of treatment options. 

Karin and I are both graduates of Dr. Aviva Romm's Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program, and Karin has combined that knowledge with her own experience, to create programs to support women in the preconception, pregnancy, and post partum stages. You can download Karin's free Post Partum Support Checklist

Tongue Tie Experts freebies and pro and parent's programs  https://www.tonguetieexperts.net/Links


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