Episode 5: Meet the Tongue Tie Team - Dr. Scott Siegel

Season #1

Meet the Tongue Tie Team:  

In this episode Lisa Paladino interviews 

Scott A. Siegel MD, DDS, FACS, FICS, FAAP, global leader in laser lip and tongue tie release, located in New York City. 

Topics discussed:

How an oral & maxillofacial surgeon evolved his practice into caring for breastfeeding infants, what to expect when you make an appointment for release, explanation of frentomy, and its risks and benefits, research, reflux and tongue tie, finding a provider, evolving aftercare protocols, team collaboration, prevention of oral aversion, next steps in the field of tongue tie and more.

Dr. Siegel's website for more information: https://www.drscottsiegel.com/

Link to what questions to ask a provider when looking for a professional for tongue tie procedure: https://bit.ly/ProviderQuestionsFree

Tongue Tie Experts freebies and pro and parent's programs  https://www.tonguetieexperts.net/Links

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