It Shouldn't Hurt To Nurse Your Baby

breastfeeding lip tie nipple pain tongue tie May 09, 2022

Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. Some tenderness as your nipples get used to a new sensation, maybe, but not pain, cracking or bleeding. 


It's important to always look to find and heal the root cause of any symptoms. This is my approach to pain during feeding. Let's figure out what's causing the pain and try to adjust what we can to see if the pain decreases and nipples heal.

If the pain is more than the discomfort that comes with learning to nurse your baby and it isn't getting better with time, or if there is any cracking or bleeding, or if the pain is preventing the parent from wanting to put the baby to breast, because it hurts so much, that's not normal and we need to find a solution.

I have written a book, and recorded a podcast episode to address this important issue. Too many give up on their breastfeeding goals due to pain. 

As one of those moms who had nipple pain, but didn't get through it and actually failed at breastfeeding with my first two kids, I am sharing with you all of the information that I have learned over the years that I wish I had known then. 

You can download or order a print copy of the book here: It Shouldn't Hurt to Nurse Your Baby - Healing the 6 Most Common Causes of Nipple Pain

or listen to the podcast here: TongueTieExpertsPodcast

If you are having trouble with breastfeeding, have a baby diagnosed with tongue or lip tie, and are looking for professional guidance - check out the Parent's Guide to Lip and Tongue Tie: