Understanding Milk Supply for Medical & Birth Professionals

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Imagine if you could recognize signs and symptoms of low milk supply, beyond weight gain. You'd be able to help more families meet their feeding goals.

Learn from an experienced Lactation Consultant, how to support your breastfeeding clients and patients who have concerns about their milk supply. 

As healthcare professionals we know how important it is to support new families, but we may not have learned about milk supply in school.

What you will learn in this video:

  • How much milk baby needs
  • How to recognize signs of low milk supply
  • Risk factors for low milk supply
  • Red flags to look for
  • How to optimize milk supply
  • How to troubleshoot if there is too much or too little milk
  • When to refer

This course consists of an hour long video to watch at your own pace. You'll have unlimited access for one year. 

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